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Next Creative maximise your VPA through high quality photography and videography to engage more buyers and add value to listings. A win-win for both the agent and vendor.

Superb Quality

We take pride in producing high quality content that stands out amongst other listings online.

24hr Turnaround

We understand the urgency in getting listings online, which is why we guarantee a 24hr turnaround.

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Professional Photography

Most likely, a potential buyer will first find your listing online, and this first impression can make a huge difference. This makes it extremely important for you to have high-end real estate photos for all of your listings. It’s simply the perfect way to showcase your listing.

  • Professionally re-touched and edited photos

  • Great first impression

  • Maximise impact online

  • Capture attention of potential buyers and vendors

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Property Videos

Next Creative’s real estate videos are known for being highly engaging and creative, making them some of the best real estate videos on The purpose of a property video is to attract attention to your listing, and our high-end real estate videos are the best way to do that. We work with you every step of the way to create a truly unique real estate video that immediately grabs attention.

  • Unique to your listing and branding

  • Increase your views and reach more people

  • Increase agent awareness

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Drone Photography

Real estate drone photography and videography allows you to show your listings from a different perspective. A once premium service, now accessible for all listings. Real estate drone photography and videography allows you to capture your listing’s location and surroundings.

  • Unique view of the property
  • Cheaper and more accessible than ever before
  • Shows more than just the house

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2D & 3D Floor Plans

2D floor plans allow for a buyer to get a representation of the size and layout of the property. But a 3D floor plan allows the buyer to fully visualise the entire house. Floor plans are a necessity for any listing giving your potential buyers a complete understanding of what the property offers.

  • Helps buyers visualise the property
  • Give a unique perspective to your listing
  • Helps buyers picture how they would use the space
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3D Virtual Tours

A 3D virtual tour is a great way to make a buyer feel like they are in the listing without actually being there. They can view the entire listing from the comfort of their own home. In fact, according to Matterport Media, 99% of vendors say a 3D virtual tour would give them a competitive edge. 3D virtual tours have also jumped in popularity with seeing a 285% increase in engagement during April, 2020.

  • More realistic and immersive than photos
  • Branded overlay to your agency

  • More exposure to potential buyers
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Twilight Photography

Twilight photography brings the wow factor to your listings. It immediately catches the attention of any potential buyers by showing them the beauty of your listing at the perfect time, sunset. This premium service brings an immediate visual impact to your potential buyers forcing them to stop browsing and take a look at your listing.

  • A brilliant picture to capture any buyer’s attention
  • Shows off your listing with a unique picture
  • Differentiate your listing from other listings
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Digital Declutter

Whether it’s just moving boxes or an entire room, we can digitally declutter anything from your real estate photos so potential buyers can visualise exactly how they would use the space.

  • Present a property in its best light
  • Keep vendors privacy by digitally removing any items they don’t want displayed
  • Remove marks on walls that will be fixed by the time the listing is live
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Digital Styling

Digital styling gives you all of the benefits of a professional interior designer without the huge costs. We can digitally style the photos for your listing to give them that professional touch every vendor is looking for.

  • Cheaper than traditional professional staging
  • Uniquely styled to fit your listing
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3D Renders

3D renders allow you to show buyers how a finished build will look. 3D renders give buyers the chance to get a better understanding of what they are purchasing and can be customised to include correct fittings, style, and colours. This gives them an accurate representation of their new home.

  • Shows the finished home before its complete
  • High quality, photorealistic renders
  • Allows you to list before the build is complete
  • Perfect solution for off-the-plan listings
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